Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fix AutoCAD 2010 Fatal Error: Unhandled Exception e0434f4dh

Awesome link to fix an annoying problem. Thanks to the contributor

Fix AutoCAD 2010 Fatal Error: Unhandled Exception e0434f4dh1
Ricky Williams March 09, 2011 Apps, News
I was having trouble with this Fatal Error: Unhandled Exception e0434f4dh in AutoCAD 2010. When it happens AutoCAD prompts you to save the drawing and then crashes, usually on startup so there is no drawing to save anyway. Well hopefully the fix can save other people the time of re-installing AutoCAD, which is not a fun thing to do. So read on to save yourself some time.

I searched the web for the error and luckily there were a ton of forums found, but I found the solution at the first one I visited. You can read through the forum thread on Autodesk here if you like. The fix does involve editing the registry, so as usual I must warn that editing the registry can have dire consequences. If edited incorrectly your computer could become highly unstable or unable to boot at all requiring a reload of Windows. You can however backup the registry to be able to restore it and fix any damage you may do, you can find instructions on how to do that here.

Shall we begin, the fix requires a very quick edit of the registry. Once you’ve backed it up using the method above, follow these steps:

In the registry editor go to the following registry key
In the right pane of the registry editor you will find a key ”LastUpdateTimeLoWord” with a dword value of 4be447d0
Double click this key and type in the value “0″ that is a zero and you type it without the quotes and hit Enter
The key should now have the value 00000000 displayed
Exit the registry editor and the change takes effect instantly

You are now able to open AutoCAD 2010 and work just like before, Happy drafting.