Monday, March 12, 2012

misc viewport commands

while aligning viewports in paper space layouts some helpful commands are:

" VPSCALE " a command to list the scale of your viewport

" view " you can save a new model view; also notice the roll angle is the rotation.

This works for me while trying to align a location sketch to the same rotation angle as the master layout.

I will save the main viewport as the sheet number and then in the location sketch I will select the the saved viewport and set it current. ***make sure your viewport is unlocked***

Also the " UCSFOLLOW " command is set to be on (1) and the view will automatically change when you change the UCS. When " UCSFOLLOW " is (0), then when you change the UCS your view of the model won't rotate, only your crosshairs will change to the new UCS orientation.

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