Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Translating ortho images

Here is a quick and easy solution to a problem I encounter every time I need to insert an orthographic file that is based on a differing coordinate system.

Here is a link to the article from Master Graphics.  Thank You Master Graphics!!!

In the event that this page is removed the key commands are.

If you are in the same coordinate system and units this should work.

Note: the Map Image Insert command will NOT transform the coordinates or units of an image if they
differ from the drawing coordinate system or units. Be aware of the difference between US feet and
International feet.

If you have differing units or coordinate systems, you will need to follow a few steps.

  1. Start a new drawing with the same units and system as the image file you are trying to utilize.
  2. Use MAPIINSERT to insert the raster image into the new drawing you just created with matching values.  save and  close this drawing.
  3. Go back to your project drawing and verify that the drawing units that you are working in are established in Civil 3D
  4. Type  MAPWSPACE  on the home tab clich attach source drawing, you will need to establish a drive alias (a path to the location of your image file) the alias name can be anything you call it but you will need to browse the file location of the image file. Add the path and then Close the command 
  5. Now you need to add that information to your drawing.  type adequery  Click location and set boundary to ALL then click OK, next set the query mode to DRAW and click Execute Query.
  6. This should bring you file in ZE and you should see it.  The last step is to DETACH the drawing from the map explored tab ( WMAPSPACE )


I will also include some sweet data sources for Wisconsin.

Wisconsin View follow the link to Imagery Downloads.  You will need to sign up and or sign in with your email address.  From my experience all the files are in wtm or wisconsin transverse mercator.

 Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder allows you to search aerial photographs of Wisconsin from 1937-41.  Here there is no real correlation with the images, you are on your own.

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