Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Object class

While working with CAD information, I came across a file that may or may not have been created in cad but in some other GIS format.  I have no idea.

While working with OD can be a pain in the butt, there are tools out there that help.  My limited knowledge of Map doesn't help.  One tip was to export the file to a SDF file (Autocad version of GIS)

This drawing file had 2 classes attached to the object in the drawing that had the Object Data attached.

One class was STRUCTURES and it was attached to a point:

The second class was PIPES which was attached to a polyline:

You can see the object classes in the Map Explorer view:

So now you have all this data and you want to add some new classified objects.

Simple ~ right click and select Create Classified Objects...

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